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De werkgroep transgender, religie, levensbeschouwing en ethiek - Transseksualiteit en Klassieke Oudheid?
De werkgroep transgender, religie, levensbeschouwing en ethiek

Transseksualiteit en Klassieke Oudheid?





Kwam transseksualiteit voor in de klassieke oudheid? Zo ja, hoe ging men daarmee om?

Transseksualiteit kwam in de Klassieke Oudheid inderdaad voor, zoals blijkt uit de onder-staande samenvatting van een lezing, gehouden op het XV Harry Benjamin International Gender Dysphoria Association Symposium in Vancouver. Eén van de auteurs, Prof.dr. H. Horstmanshoff is hoogleraar Antieke Genees-kunde aan de Rijksuniversiteit van Leiden.


Transsexualism in Greek and Roman Antiquity

By Louis Gooren, MD, Frans Stenten, PhD* and Manfred Horstmanshoff, PhD*
*Department of Antique History, University of Leiden, The Netherlands
Department of Endocrinology, Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam, POBox 7075, 1007 MB Amsterdam, The Netherlands


Greek and Roman literature provides a large number of clues that persons crossed the barriers of sex-coded behavior. Like in the present world cross-sex behavior in men was more obvious and more frowned upon than cross-sex behavior in women. Castration was rife in both Greek and Roman periods. For temple services of mother goddess Cybele priests were castrated at their initiation rites. Philo of Alexandria describes that these priests often sought a female status. There are also descriptions of what we would presently label as Skoptic syndrome. The diagnosis of transsexualism relies heavily on an accurate self-description of the subjectively experienced gender dysphoria. Cross-dressing or renouncing of the female or male role are not sufficient to label persons in question as transsexual. They are rare but there are descriptions of persons seeking to undergo surgical sex reassignment: "and they feel no shame to have their male body changed into female undergoing surgery" (Philo of Alexandria). "And they felt a deep desire to undergo a total change to womanhood, they walk the streets and attention of passer-by" (Zonaras). "Ativus, according to Dio, requested his doctor to perform a surgical procedure that would render him sexually ambiguous and to do so on the basis of his experience" (Cedrenus). In summary: Greek and Roman literature provide evidence that persons in those days experienced gender dysphoria similarly to present days.


Een androgyne beeldenstorm
Over mythen, beelden en visies in de westerse geschiedenis































01:43 - 9/2/2010

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