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De werkgroep transgender, religie, levensbeschouwing en ethiek - The LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN)
De werkgroep transgender, religie, levensbeschouwing en ethiek

The LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN)

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LGBT Religious History Matters


The LGBT Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) is an innovative venture in preserving history and encouraging scholarly study of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) religious movements around the world.  LGBT-RAN has a two-fold basic purpose.  First it assists LGBT religious leaders and groups in determining how best to preserve their records and papers in appropriate repositories.  Secondly, LGBT-RAN provides an electronic information clearinghouse for these archival collections and other historical data about LGBT religious history for the use of historians, researchers and other interested persons.  LGBT-RAN can best be understood as a "virtual" archive.  It is not a physical repository that collects and preserves papers and records.  Instead, LGBT-RAN is a resource center that enables the preservation of history and makes historical information easily accessible through this web site.  Initiated in 2001 as a project of the Chicago Theological Seminary, LGBT-RAN has been a program of the Center for Lesbian & Gay Studies in Religion and Ministry in Berkeley, California, since 2008

Recognizing that history is written from the perspective of those who preserve their records, LGBT-RAN's overarching purpose is to ensure the preservation and accessibility of the voices and experiences of a great diversity of LGBT religious leaders and groups.

Mission Statement

The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Religious Archives Network (LGBT-RAN) coordinates and supports the identification, collection and preservation of personal papers and organizational records from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender religious movements. To encourage scholarly research and historical study of these important movements for social change, LGBT-RAN disseminates information about these records and provides and facilitates access to them, using digital technology when possible.

Profiles Gallery

Identifying leaders in religious movements for justice for LGBT persons.

This Profiles Gallery presents biographical sketches of persons who have been leaders or prominent initiators in LGBT religious movements around the world. The stories of these persons are a rich repository of wisdom and encouragement for emerging activists and leaders, for today’s students and for historians of the future.  To find a person by last name, select a letter from the list above or select All to browse the whole gallery.


The Profiles Gallery now allows you to add information to the historical record of a colleague or mentor posted there. If you have a significant experience with or knowledge of one of the leaders of LGBT religious movements in the Profiles Gallery, you can go to her/his page and click on the "Tell Us Your Experience" link in the Remembrances box in the upper right corner. Then type in the information or experience you would like to record with this person' s profile. All entries are reviewed by the LGBT-RAN office before posting.


To enroll yourself or someone else for this Profiles Gallery, send a biographical statement  and digital photo to:

Click here to see a list of names of leaders of LGBT religious movements NOT yet posted in the Profiles Gallery. You can submit a profile for one of these persons; or suggest additional names for this prospect list.

When drafting a biographical statement for yourself or for someone else, recognize that you are providing information for historians today and in the future. By perusing the Profiles Gallery, you will see that biographical sketches vary in length from a few to many paragraphs. The statement should portray the whole of the subject’s life while highlighting particular involvement with LGBT religious movements. A profile usually unfolds in roughly chronological order covering these major areas:

  • family and religious context in which raised;
  • educational and vocational formation;
  • work history;
  • emergence into LGBT religious movements;
  • significant LGBT religious groups and/or events in which participated and roles carried out; and
  • writings and publications.

With this information it is helpful to provide dates, locations and names of other persons as possible. Finally, keep in mind that it is easy for LGBT-RAN to update these profiles at any time in the future–simply send new or revised information to


18:58 - 20/3/2010

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The workgroup transgender, religion, philosophy of life and ethics is a network for religious, spiritual transgenders. The goal of the workgroup transgender, religion, philosophy of life and ethics is to build a bridge between religious transgenders, transsexuals of all faith and the different religions around the world.

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